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After three years of study and research surrounding essential oil companies I have selected one consistent performer that I choose to use personally and that I recommend to my clients and customers. There are a number of reasons why.

Quality. At Plant Therapy every batch of essential oil is GC-MS tested. The results of these tests are posted on the Plant Therapy website for consumers to review. Simply select the oil you would like. Scroll down below the product details and click on the “Test Reports” header in the Description Box. There you will find a list of GC-MS tests. The latest, for the current batch being sold is at the bottom of the list.

When you open the reports you will see the batch number, essential oil name and botanical name, as well as the country where the plant materials originated. Next there is a listing of the primary plant constituents that were identified during testing. Then there are comments from Robert Tisserand regarding the quality and aroma of the oil and about the constituents found during testing. Robert Tisserand is likely the most well-known scientific researcher on essential oils. He has been in the business over 40 years and literally “written the book” on essential oil safety. His involvement weighed heavily in my decision to select Plant Therapy essential oils for my natural health office.

Following this there is a signed third party Certificate of Analysis of the GC profile. This includes the date, plant identifiers, other data, and conclusion. The conclusion is important because it tells us whether adulterants, contaminants, or if the essential oil has been diluted. Following this information will be pages listing every identifiable plant constituent along with some graphs that will likely not be of interest to the general consumer, but are inspiring reading for essential oil chemistry geeks.

Price. This is a very important topic because it can tell you a lot about the company that sells the product. Quality oils that can be used therapeutically do not have to have an extremely high price point. Neither are they cheap. Pricing should be based upon the ability to source, rarity or commonality of the product, plant parts used, as well as the difficulty involved in extracting the oil.

For example, spearmint, one of my favorite aromas, is also one of the least expensive oils. This is because spearmint is easy to grow in many locations, its aerial parts contain a lot of volatile oils, and it is also easy to distill.

On-the-other-hand, rose absolute essential oil is quite expensive for a very small amount. This is because the oil is only extracted from the flowers. If you find this essential oil ‘on the cheap’, look closely. It is likely to be diluted (which is not necessarily a bad thing) or it could even be an adulteration.

Did you know that it takes 60,000 rose petals
to make only one ounce of essential oil?

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Blend Suggestions. I so appreciate the information Plant Therapy lists for each oil. This makes it easy to select additional oils that combine well for diffusing and making my own formulas. Find this at the Plant Therapy website. Simply select the oil that piques your interest, then scroll down to ‘Product Details’ ~ ‘Blends Well With”.

KidSafe Blends. There is nothing better than these amazing blends formulated for children ages 2-10 by world-renowned essential oil chemist, Robert Tisserand. They work on older children and adults too! Yet they are guaranteed safe and effective for your little ones. Plant Therapy’s KidSafe line of essential oil blends is the first one developed especially for children.

KidSafe is available in synergestic blends, roll-ons, single essential oils, there is also an organic line of oils and blends. There is a wide selection from which to choose.

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Synergies. The adult synergies that Plant Therapy offers are wonderfully aromatic and functional. My skin loves the Anti Age Synergy Blend. It makes a wonderful, light skin-balancing and conditioning oil. I feel the love each time I use it.

Another ‘must have’ is the Germ Fighter Synergy Blend. This is an all natural option to dilute and carry with you in a 1 or 2 oz. spray bottle. It contains none of the harmful chemicals found in commercial hand sanitizers.

There are many others from which to choose from those that stimulate the brain and those that increase focus, and others that balance the emotions, stave off the munchies, enhance sleep, boost the immune system, support the respiratory system and clear congestion, de-stress, and more!

Other delightful blends are simply designed for the ‘bliss factor’ such as Bouquet, and the many seasonal and holiday blends that are available, after all ~ who doesn’t just love the mouthwatering aromas of fresh-baked Apple Pie or Chocolate Truffle!

Pup & Pony. Natural essential oil blends specifically designed for dogs and horses.

> Confident K9. For dogs who struggle with being alone. This is also suitable for the buddy sour or barn sour horse.

> Happy Trails. To comfort dogs and horses during travel. Promotes calm, settles the stomach, and releases worry.

> Horse Whisperer. Consider this blend when dogs or horses become fearful and anxious after a traumatic experience. This includes animal neglect and rescue situations, forced weaning, continuous use of ill-fitting tack, etc. While designed with the horse in mind, this blend is also effective for dogs who struggle with similar issues.

> Show Ready. This health-promoting blend is created to boost the immune system. Beneficial to dogs and horses during stressful periods such as in unfamiliar environments and with unfamiliar animals which can increase their susceptibility to illness and disease.

Be sure to download the “Pup and Pony Product Sheet” direct from Plant Therapy to learn about correct dilution ratios and proper areas of application.

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