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  Wholeness and restoration on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level are attainable for each of us. A holistic view of health incorporates the idea that the whole is more than a mere sum of its parts. As a Holistic Health Professional and Clinical Master Herbalist I am trained to identify natural remedies that support the body’s attempt to restore balance and vitality. I take into consideration a person’s individual characteristics and life situations while formulating remedies and making recommendations.

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  Illness vilifies health. This makes our inner thoughts just as crucial as nutrition is to our body and the process of rejuvenation.  The body responds to thought patterns, emotions, fear, and other stressors which ultimately set the stage for either strength and vitality or an undermining of health at the spirit, soul, or body level causing a progression toward illness and disease.

Negative perceptions of life, trauma and stress, grief, loneliness, guilt, etc., often precede illness.

 Negative perceptions of life, trauma and stress, grief, loneliness, guilt, etc., often precede illness.  Likewise, a paradigm change may induce healing.  Difficult life situations challenge these ingrained thought patterns challenging us to learn new, healthier ways of thinking.

Certain weaknesses in the body can cause or exacerbate this negative spiral. Fortunately there are remedies such as herbs, homeopathics, nutrition, and others that can make a world of difference by becoming a catalyst in the paradigm change.

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