The Herbs & The Bees, LLC

The Herbs & The Bees, LLC, is a healing place. A safe place that is filled with peace, joy, and acceptance. Here one can feel at ease learning about gentle and alternative methods to support their body in its healing process. It is a place to ask questions, and to seek out answers for what you need to live your life vibrantly.
Learning takes place within individual consultations and onsite in small group settings on various topics. Larger groups are hosted off-site at locations to be announced.
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Herbal remedies are a significant part of the healing process because many of these plants are both nutritional and medicinal.

Fully Stocked Herbal Apothecary ~
> Dried herbs & spices – By the ounce & in bulk 1 pound bags
> Herbal Tinctures & Blends – Made to order in one, two, and four ounce bottles
Teas, infusions,

Apitherapy ~
>Delicious Wildflower Honey
>Pollen Granules
>High Quality Propolis Tincture
>Bee Bread – A Fermented Honey Bee product
>Royal Jelly (in honey)