Erase Your Pain

Pain is the language the body speaks when us something is very wrong. Drugging pain only serves to mask symptoms which work to create more problems down the road. At best, pharmaceuticals bring temporary relief, however, side-effects are common.

Enter Scenar the “Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator”. As a feedback-based bio-modulator, Scenar is continuously measuring the reaction of the body to the electric impulses it sends to correct asymmetries and restore proper function and relieve pain. This advanced, yet gentle electronic pain reduction system is designed to accelerate the body’s own natural healing ability.

The device is brushed over the skin emitting gentle electronic impulses that are very much like those of the nervous system. This initiates a release of neuropeptides that act as natural pain relievers. The results are often noticed quickly.

Neuropeptides work on the cellular level to regulate and and connect all the various systems in the body. Once connection is restored with the brain, the body’s response is to heal itself. Neuropeptides function as the mechanism that works to unlock the body’s holistic response to Scenar.

People & Scenar

Scenar is my personal favorite ‘go to’ bio-energetic modality when it comes to either chronic and/or acute pain. Because it is so effective, Scenar has quickly become a favorite of my clients.

Horses & Scenar

Scenar can also be used with horses. It is amazing how easily it pinpoints and works with problem areas. It is very effective in its own or in combination with chiropractic and/or veterinary services. As horses begin to feel relief they are always happy to let me know.

Chronic Conditions Scenar May Benefit

> Where there is a need for increased micro-circulation.
> It is relaxing and in this way may deepen sleep.
> Certain techniques may correct imbalanced posture.
> Can benefit when more response is needed from the immune, nervous and endocrine systems.
> May assist with the resolution of congestion or the disconnection between body systems.
> Increases the body’s healing resources needed in a localized area.
> Works to increase energy and eliminate fatigue