Horses have a most wonderful response to natural remedies. There is so much that can be learned by watching them instinctively select the grasses and herbs their body needs.

Have you ever noticed that in the spring all the yellow dandelion flowers are quickly eaten up? If horses have access to that pasture long enough, they will not leave a dandelion flower uneaten. While the meaning of the name dandelion in English and Spanish is “lion’s tooth,” in the Dutch the dandelion is called “paardenbloem” which translated is “horse flower.” How appropriate.

Dandelion leaves are nutrient dense, full of calcium, phosphorus, carotene’s, and potassium which, especially after a long winter and early spring of a diet of hay is just what the body needs. The flowers are delicious and are especially good for nourishing the eyes, improving night blindness. The leaves stimulate good digestion as they are mildly bitter.

All in all the plant is especially nourishing in the spring and many of those from European were commonly found out digging dandelions, the roasted root makes a nourishing and delicious coffee-like beverage and the young and tender leaves make wonderful salad greens. As a child, I remember my mother collecting the leaves and serving them for dinner wilted and cooked with bacon and a splash of apple cider vinegar.

Herbs, nutrition, honey bee products, homeopathics, essential oils, and bio-energetic modalities such as Scenar, etc., can all have a profound effect on the health and energy levels of the equine in the hands of a knowledgeable holistic professional.

It is always a joy to work with equines. I have never met one who didn’t teach me something. While each of them have a unique personality, all of them know when they feel better and recognize that they have been helped.

There is nothing like being accepted by a horse or a donkey and knowing that their domestication has made them utterly reliant upon us. It is a heavy thought, something all horse owners should take seriously. In light of this, it is my hope that horse owners would open their hearts to gentle, natural remedials for their equines. Be sure to watch for the Horses blog area to increase. I cannot wait to share many of the natural remedies that I have used with horses and the amazing changes that have occurred.

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