Welcome Home!

Welcome home! Home is place that means many things to many people, a place to relax and to rest, a refuge from the world, a shelter from the elements, a place of peace and security, or laughter and happiness, and sometimes even sadness. Home can be a place of abundance and a place of nurture, a place to learn, and a place to growand a place to live. When you’re visiting THE HERBS & THE BEES, LLC, home is all that and more… It’s a place to reflect and a place to heal.

Who We Are…

Darlene Jorgens, HHP, CMH

What We Do…

Holistic Health Consultations

The Herbs & The Bees, LLC

Genesis School of Natural Health

HOME IS A SAFE PLACE – for everyone! Home is inclusive, diverse, respectful, encouraging, educational, relaxing, and maybe a bit challenging at times. It’s a place to learn, grow, change, and mature together.

At home the weak, the infirm, and the young are protected and nurtured – just as it should be. This is the environment here. When you click through the pages at this website, think of it as though you are taking a seat in my living room or at my kitchen table.

If you were physically here, I would offer a nourishing herbal tea with a bit of homemade almond or hemp milk. At home we can discuss (not debate), make recommendations, encourage, speak the truth (with love), and always allow for change and growth. After all, it has taken a lot of years to know as little as we know now!

Here we will listen to each other with our hearts, and believe the very best for each other. Over the years I have spent a lot of time digging out the truth about natural health products that work, herbal products and formulas that are effective, and books worthy of spending your hard-earned money on. I am excited to have a place to build, organize, and share that collection of products and information with you.

When I find websites and groups that I trust, I will let you know. This certainly isn’t a one-stop-shop by any means. However, over the years of seeking out and researching products for myself and my clients I thought I might save someone else valuable time and resources by posting reviews and making some thoughtful recommendations.

I am thrilled that you would take some time to stop by. As this website continues to grow and develop, I hope you will come back often. One day perhaps we can share a literal cup of tea together and encourage one another…

So “welcome home” my friend!

You’re not alone when you’re at home.

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